Interpreting and translation service

Interpreting and translation service

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Interpreting and translation servicesInterpreting and translation services provide translation and interpreting field in some of languages such as Vietnamese, English, Japanese, Chinese, etc. With a priority in quality as well as enthusiastic support from experienced staff in a variety of areas, this service aim to provide clients an exactly information with professional knowledge and experience in translation and interpreting.Moreover, the transferred products that are given to the customers are strictly confidential, ensure the optimization of time with high accuracy and reasonable prices.Some of popular interpreting and translation services now:

I.Translation services:

1. Translation Notary service.

2. Translation of administrative documents, import and export documents, registration list.

3. News, newspapers, articles, advertising.

4. News in books, notebooks.

5. Comics, online games, movies.

II. Interpreting Service:

1. Interpreting sequentially or concurrently in conferences, symposia or seminars.

2. Interpreting sequentially or concurrently in company conferences, technical conferences, study tours, surveys.

3. Interpretation of workshop, field.

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