Human Resource Outsourcing

Human Resource Outsourcing

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With the current trend of economic development, human resource outsourcing are increasingly popular and popular, and services can be provided inside or outside the company. Such transfers are aimed at lowering costs and enhancing competitiveness, which is different from buying and selling products from suppliers, but between the two parties exchanging information to manage production - business. that is cooperation in production.

Human Resource outsourcing helps companies and businesses reduce management costs, reduce recruitment workloads while maintaining competitive advantage and maintaining a good working environment for employees. These challenges and difficulties, however, have prompted businesses to be flexible and to make appropriate adjustments to survive and develop in the current economic climate. Hence, optimal labor productivity and efficiency are the factors that the company attaches great importance to achieving the goals of the organization.

  • Quick response to your employer's demand for labor, flexibility in staffing strategies with increased fluctuations in staffing.
  • Reducing the volume of recruitment work and other management and employment procedures.
  • Minimize management costs.
  • Ability to meet the labor needs of Human resource outsourcing.

At Moberi, our human resources outsourcing include:

  • Marketing , PG
  • Technicians, IT
  • Receptionist - administration – personnel
  • Hotel Management

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