Programmer Training

Programmer Training

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Programmer Training

1 What is a programmer?

Programmers are people who create code using programming languages, platforms and supporting tools such as Html, Css, Java, Python, C, C#, PHP... to build software, applications application, website, App… on computer and mobile platforms.

2 A programmer's opportunity

The programming profession is expected to continue to attract a large number of highly qualified workforce in the future. There are many career opportunities in this industry. Many programmers work hard to introduce new apps and software in the market. Technology is constantly evolving, so the demand for programmers also continues to increase sharply.

In Vietnam, statistics show that the demand for human resources in the information technology industry increased by 56% in 2019 and the current situation of the job market in this industry is "supply does not meet demand". Job demand in the programming field is also expected to continue to increase sharply in the next few years.

As such, developing a career in programming could be a good career choice for you. With a good qualification, you almost won't have to worry about the risk of not finding a job.

3 Programmer training course

Androi  programming

Benefits of the course

Master Android programming skills on any device:

+ Getting knowledge how to register for an account to upload apps yourself

+ Understanding the working process of Google Play Store

+ Know how to manage data on any platform: SQLite, Android connected PHP & MySQL. JSON Parse, XML Parser. Help students master the technology of applications with dynamic data professionally.

+ Students can apply for Android programmer positions at software companies.

+ If you study hard, you can set up your own group, Android programming company.

4 Candidate

Everyone who wants to have basic Android programming knowledge, learn more about Android application programming techniques and want to build applications on the Android operating system platform.

Duration: 20 weeks with 160 periods (1 period = 45 minutes)

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. Java programming

Benefits of the course: Apply the application development process well when deploying other types of applications:

+ Master the knowledge and apply them in object-oriented programming such as Object, Class, Inheritance, Abstrack, interface, innerClass ... in building and deploying applications in Java programming.

+ Apply Design pattern when designing application structure

+ Use different storage technologies such as text set, JSON, XML, database, MySQL.

+ Web Application Development with Spring FrameWork: Spring MVC, Form, JDBC, Hibernate, Dependency Injection, validation, Spring Upload files, Spring

+ Develop web application with J2EE, JSP, EL and JSTL, Session, cookie, Filter…. in the MVC pattern

+ Good use of Tomcat/Glassfish server

+ Helping you to program better, with mindset and style

: Candidate : All those who are passionate about technology and programming, want to learn about the basic Java programming language.

Duration: 20 weeks with 160 periods (1 period = 45 minutes)

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Programming .Net

Benefits of the course

+ Fully understand .NET and C# programming language

+ Master object-oriented programming with C# and .NET

+ Build Windows Forms with C#

+ Build web applications with MVC pattern

+ Experience in implementing ASP.Net Core web projects

+ Willing to work for software companies using .NET programming technology

Candidate : All those who want to learn about C# programming techniques and want to develop professional web applications on NET.Core technology

Duration: 20 weeks with 160 periods (1 period = 45 minutes)

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. Tester

Benefits of the course

+ Provide students with knowledge of software testing from basic to advanced

+ Train and develop skills in software testing through actual software testing projects

+ Provide and update the most modern software testing technologies being applied in the world.

+ Equip students with necessary soft skills

+ Execute test according to test plan and scenario, analyze and report test results.

+ Familiarize yourself with and use supporting tools in the testing process: SQL tool, PostMan, Jmeter...

Candidate: All of you who want to learn about testers and aim to become testers.

Duration: 20 weeks with 160 periods (1 period = 45 minutes)

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